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Best Shortcuts | Building Castles with Dreams and Shortcuts
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Best Shortcuts. Building Castles with you greatest dreams and shortcuts. Book of A1 Life Secrets. Mister-Shortcut, Godfather of EyeCandy. Wehether these interactive pages of EyeCandy and PowerGems prove to be your most empowering website is entirely up to you. The effort has been made, the die are cast. More magic, more power, than you've ever encountered from a single source, now the devices of your success are in your palm, awaiting your grasp and grip.

Best Shortcuts | Building Castles with Dreams and and your best shortcuts
Book of A1 Life Secrets | Mister-Shortcut

More than five thousand masters millionaires, champions and billionaires interviewed or dined with, almost all of them individually. Their shortcuts will be your shortcuts. There are no exceptions. No matter what you do in this life, there are fantastic and powerful shortcuts.

You will surely agree that the best sources of the best shortcuts are, naturally, those who have used and more, continue to use those guaranteed shortcuts, those wonderful PowerGems of life that work everywhere they use them. That translates into everywhere you use them. NOT NECESSARILY every single time you use it; quite the contrary. It is when you use them as a matter of habit that they deliver for you, faster and more consistently than through any other identified human method of accelerating one's results. Building castles with you is a great idea,
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Best Shortcuts. Building Castles with you for the purpose of achieving your greatest dreams with the use of the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

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Naturopath: a smarter way to go, as demonstrated by those who live stronger for longer

"Naturopath."  The word sounds nicer than "Medical Doctor," one who is highly trained in selling drugs.
Did you know that every medical student's journey includes YEARS of studying and memorizing drug sales catalogs?
You don't have to believe the Book of A1 Life Secrets. Ask any medical student who cannot pass without doing so.
Do you know that medical students are not taught as naturopaths are, that health challenges have natural answers?
Insanity is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different results. Insanity does reign today.
It is perfectly insane to train M.D.'s only to pursue symptoms with toxic chemicals, rather than aping naturopaths.
There is no chance of getting a better result, which explains why thousands die in the U.S. every day obeying M.D's.
You do not need to accept the assurance of the Book of A1 Life Secrets that doctors are the 3rd-largest cause of death.
Close your mouth and do the research. We understand your wish to defend your son or daughter's decision to be an M.D.
The problem is that we can now document up to sixteen patients being sickened, injured, or killed, obeying their M.D.'s.
The approach of the naturopath is the only rational way you can expect to live stronger for longer: NATURALLY!
That does not mean that all naturopaths are competent, or, for that matter, guaranteed to be moral and honest.
Because the lifetime efforts of a naturopath are known in advance to yield non-financial rewards and payoffs,
there is a statistically higher probability that your local naturopath is in fact more "moral" than your M.D.
If your M.D. is willing to live a life of luxury earned from consulting with sick children and poor people,
then your M.D. is proving their commitment far louder with their actions than their words, as it for all of us.
Instead of wasting time debating an unnecessary point, does it not make far more sense to be your own naturopath?
You do not need to study drug catalogs for years and years, because a naturopath is not about to use toxic chemicals.
If the pharmaceutical drug was safe, it would not be sold behind the counter, or require the signature of an M.D., right?
Whether or not YOU understand it, the naturopath does, which is the guiding force underlying all naturopathic remedies.
If your doctor was all that good, why are you overweight, unhealthy, and addicted to pharmaceuticals?
Learn more and you are likely to live more, when you practice what you learn... naturally.

Naturopaths use natural means: means, methods, and materials provided by nature, enhanced by technology.

If you are inclined to become your own naturopath, wean yourself first by consulting with your primary care provider.
Learning to become your own naturopath gets easier as the internet makes more information available.
Take advantage of these opportunities to learn. Think what you save in becoming your own naturopath.
Saving money is the least of what you save in learning how to be your own do-it-yourself naturopath.
You save time, thousands of precious minutes NOT travelling and waiting and stressing yourself.
It may very well be your own life that you save, becoming your own naturopath!
Among other things, M.D.'s do NOT success as often as naturopaths do.     Naturopathic-Doctor.US     Naturopathic-Physician.US

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is a naturopath. Although you can call 718 627 - 7272 for an appointment,
Dr Cohen, himself one of the world's great naturopaths, urges YOU to become your own naturopath.
Learn more and live more with the Book of A1 Life Secrets and thousands of other resources.